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Real stories from real clients

"Gray Soup collected interesting insights during the discovery phase of our relationship that everyone internally had simply overlooked. Overall their results exceeded expectations and were supported with data. Our conversion rate increased and costs decreased, but what impressed us the most was the personal care and passion, it felt like we were all co-owners of the product."

Anthony Dutcher
CMO / Vericare

"Gray Soup was brought on to increase social media engagement for the 2016 Emmys where they worked directly with Twitter to lead the team during the course of the live production. I was blown away by the increase of 50 Million engagements to the prior year, it was like everything we put out on social media went viral that year!

Jillian Wilson
Social Media Director / The Television Academy

"Gray Soup partnered with a Celebrity to promote our  ICO to his then 7.7 million followers shortly before the launch. The Celeb/Hubii post has received tens of thousands of likes on Twitter and half a million likes on Instagram and drove millions of impressions in the press, but that wasn't the true value. They crafted a pragmatic funnel that turned that traffic into raising over $7 million by the close of their fundraising campaign, which was $2 Million over our target. We saw many individual buyers of tokens which manifests the broad distribution we are aiming for."

Barbera Hueppe
CMO / Hubii

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