March 26, 2020

Architecture for large-scale review generation deployments

Has that one unfair review haunted you in more ways than one for the past few weeks or even months? Are you struggling to get all of the positive feedback your customers send you relayed onto public profiles? Reviews are a pain, but in this day and age, shoppers and internet users need to see as many gold stars in your favor as possible. 

We won’t deny that only good reviews can look fake. The funny thing is that with many of our clients, customers have to double take when they see how authentic the reviews we help generate are. We have the means to access your existing client list and get public-facing reviews when nobody else could.

Suddenly, that one review that created so much stress for you and your team, is buried in a sea of organic 5-star feedback. 

Growth-hacking Toolbox

Give all platforms your time

Why limit yourself to just Google reviews? Or maybe you’re only focused on Facebook. We regularly see brands intentionally hide the review feature from their Facebook profiles entirely. At Gray Soup we think of this as a major digital fowl and an opportunity asking for the taking. 

We won’t bore you with anything SEO, that’s a whole other world dedicated for some of our partners, but in short… how nice would it be if you search for your brand on business and page 1 of Google is first your company’s site, followed by nothing but those beautiful 5 stars on a plethora of different websites and channels. That’s quite the sight, and is now more attainable than ever, with Gray Soup.

“Your business should look good everywhere all the time, thats something Gray Soup helped us achive with reviews we didn't know we could generate” - Anthony Dutcher | CMO | Veriheal

Often times we work in a very reactionary model. A bad review happens, we fix it. However, with our monthly options, we can ensure that you are generating tens if not hundreds of honest reviews regularly.

But how does Gray Soup do it? Are the reviews real!?

Oh yes! They are very real, they’re your own customers. We easily expand on your existing customer list as well as leveraging the full force of the Gray Soup Focus Group™️ to carefully understand our client’s product/service so that they can make their own review. By using our internal focus group, you remain 10 steps ahead of your competition.

Don’t you want to look good all the time? We have all your 5-star reviews just sitting here in a can, we don't mind opening it so you can get back to your product and company development!

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