March 26, 2020

The key to social media growth that is Silicon Valleys best kept secret

Gaining traction on social media can be crushing. You put together the best post in weeks and you are super proud of it, but it goes up and… 12 likes... 

Defeating as this can be, you’re not on the wrong track, you just don’t have the right tools to make the engagement and impressions you would like possible. Fresh pages and even tenured accounts can greatly benefit from a little bit of organic growth manipulation. 

Growth-hackers Toolbox

So what are we doing differently?

Gray Soup has reinvigorated many seemingly dead accounts on all of the social channels gaining brands, individuals, and business millions of followers in incredibly short run times. Suddenly, getting 50 likes, 100 likes, 200 likes and more is much easier than ever before.

What you tried to do on your own is not wrong.

Content IS key and will always remain the most important factor. However, without the growth team behind you strategizing how you scale, your page is dead on arrival.

Like we’ve done for hundreds of other brands - the team at Gray Soup would love to be able to get your page back on track.